Geneva Cricket Club

Founded on 16 April 1872, the Geneva Cricket Club (GCC) was established by members of the British community at a meeting held near Plainpalais in the famous Brasserie Landolt. As of today, it is the oldest cricket club in Switzerland as well as one of the oldest sports club in the country. The rich history of GCC is characterised by not only its longevity but also its success in various formats of the game.

Back in the days, the Club started to play on the grassy plateau of Plainpalais. It then moved in 1890 to the large property of La Garance in Chêne-Bougeries. The Club’s activities were subsequently suspended in 1914 because of the First World War. It was revived many years later in 1952 and has been continuously active up until this day. It first set its ground in Richemont but moved thereafter to the Bout-du-Monde in 1991, where it has experienced its most prolific period. GCC still operates till this day in the beautiful sports complex of the Bout-du-Monde.

Since then, the Geneva Cricket Club and its players have travelled around the world to participate in various competitions in countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, but also farther places like Barbados and Kenya.

Regarding its records, the Club won the 40-over Swiss championship for two consecutive years in 2004 and 2005 – in both occasions against the Nomads CC from Zurich. It also triumphed in the T20 Swiss competition in 2004 and 2009 against Geneva SL CC and Power CC respectively, as well as in the SCA T20 Cup in 2014 against Basel CC.

In 2016, the Club rejoined – after a brief hiatus – the highest tier of cricket competition in Switzerland. Indeed, it gained affiliate status within Cricket Switzerland this year.

The Geneva Cricket Club has been presided since 2001 by Mr Hascal Gollop, who debuted there in 1973. His predecessor was the famous Dr David Barmes, founder of the Swiss Cricket Association.

Nowadays, the Club is open to all lovers of cricket living in the Geneva region and beyond. It is strongly committed to convey the beautiful spirit of the game and aims at consolidating its rich heritage for the future and young generations.